"Measure N will provide $18 million in private funding for public roadway improvements and the Strada Verde jobs center will connect directly to Highway 101, minimizing traffic on 25. If we vote Yes on N, we can reduce commute times for thousands of San Benito residents."

— Curtis J. Hill,
Retired Sheriff,  San Benito County

“Right now, our county desperately needs jobs and increased economic opportunities. Measure N delivers on both and does so without negative traffic impacts. By providing a major jobs center close to home, Measure N will ensure that local residents spend less time stuck in commute-time traffic.”

— Bob Tiffany, President,
San Benito County Business Council

San Benito County Business Council

San Benito Citizens for a Brighter Future

Anthony Botelho, San Benito County Supervisor

Margie Barrios, Retired San Benito County Supervisor and Hollister School District Trustee

Jim Gillio, Retired San Benito County Supervisor

Mike Graves, Retired San Benito County Supervisor

Curtis J. Hill, Retired San Benito County Sheriff

Tony LoBue, Retired Hollister Mayor

Dan DeVries, San Juan Bautista City Councilmember

Carly Jo Brigantino

Mia Casey

Irene Davis

Ted Davis

Valerie Egland, Parks Advocate

Phil Fortino

Herman Garcia, Founding President, CHEER (Coastal Habitat Education & Environmental Restoration)

Robert Gibson

Vince Grewohl, President, Hollister Firefighters Association, Local 3395

Donna Haynes, Local Business Owner

Steve Haynes, Local Business Owner

Kathy Johnson

Graham Mackie

Jack Murphy

Robert Rodriguez II

Bob Tiffany, President, San Benito County Business Council

Dan Valcazar

Partial list. Titles are for identification purposes only.

Paid for by Yes on N, San Benito County Residents for Job Creation, sponsored by Newport Pacific Land Company/Bristol SB. Committee major funding from: PRP Land, Pacific Rim Real Estate Group and Rockne Construction.

Anuncio pagado por Yes on N, Residentes del condado de San Benito para la creación de empleos, patrocinado por Newport Pacific Land Company/Bristol SB. Comité financiado principalmente por: PRP Land, Pacific Rim Real Estate Group, Rockne Construction.